Our Story

mikeBetween 1995 and 2001 Mike McCosker, fourth generation farmer, agronomist and expert in organic and biological farming systems undertook extensive research and development under world renown experts such as Dr Arden Anderson and the late Bruce Ward. One of the issues that he identified was the declining number of bacteria and fungi in our soil, caused mainly by years of chemical use by farmers.

By 2003, in a small NSW country town called Wallangra, just 25 kms north of Inverell, after seeing a huge need in the farming community Mike had developed a proprietary technology for a biological fertiliser like no other. His product provided huge numbers of beneficial fungi and bacteria in a liquid form and over the next few years, he tested and perfected the process. Over time, he developed a method of stabilising the brew so that it could be shipped anywhere in the world.

Over the next few years Mike continued testing and fine tuning in real life farming situations, picking up many clients who were eager to achieve the same results as he has on his own crops. As time went by the product and processes improved and the results just kept getting better and it wasn’t long before he attracted international attention to his amazing product.

Fast forward to 2015; Mike and his team have joined BioGenomX to properly commercialise his amazing product so that it can be enjoyed by farmers and gardeners all over the world. Soon you will be able to purchase his product in garden centres, department stores and other leading retailers.