Mike McCosker

MikeMMeet Mike McCosker; he’s a husband, a father and a fourth generation farmer. Mike is passionate about healthy soil and good quality food. Mike’s spent nearly 35 years in agriculture, 25 years of that consulting to farmers and academics all over the world about biological agriculture.

Mike comes from a conventional farming background; then through becoming involved in Landcare and further involvement in catchment management and sustainable agriculture within the Murray-Darling basin, Mike discovered that a lot of the issues we are dealing with in agriculture start in the soil. It is the way we manage our soil that makes the most impact in dealing with many climatic and environmental problems.

Through 10 years of study across a range of agricultural systems Mike developed a unique understanding of soil health and the power of soil biology in addressing nearly all of the issues that we face in agriculture. Food quality, disease resistance, climatic resilience and being able to reduce the cost and use of expensive and toxic chemicals in our farming system ALL start with a healthy, diverse soil biology.

Mike’s passion for high quality food and healthy, profitable farms has led to the invention and development of the most unique and significant biological fertilisers the world has seen. Mike is Head of Operations at BioGenomX and relishing in his role in solving some of the world’s biggest agricultural challenges.