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BioGenomX is excited to announce our range of broad spectrum bio-inoculants that provide instant numbers of living beneficial biology to assist in the immediate processing of your soil nutrients – a powerful tool when used in conjunction with a mineral based fertiliser program.

BioGenomX SoilBrew
BioGenomX GrowthBrew
BioGenomX HarvestBrew

BioGenomX SoilBrew is designed to enhance and promote biological diversity in the soil. SoilBrew inoculates the soil with a broad spectrum of beneficial fungi and bacteria to assist plant establishment.
BioGenomX GrowthBrew enhances plant response to foliar fertilisers. GrowthBrew is a foliar applied biological inoculant uniquely brewed with calcium and organic nitrogen, some phosphate and a selection of trace elements specifically designed to maximise plant balance during the growth stage.
BioGenomX HarvestBrew is a biological inoculant designed to maximise flower bloom, fruit retention and harvest yield. HarvestBrew also contains organic nitrogen, phosphorus, boron and a selection of other trace nutrients designed to maximise fruit quality and harvest yield.


Available in bulk, 1000 litre shuttles, 200 and 20 litre drums

Custom Inoculants

BioGenomX specialises in working with known agricultural problems and supplying custom solutions depending on the circumstances. We are currently working on solutions for Panama Disease with bananas and Citrus Greening and will shortly commence trials.

Welcome to a new era in biological farming!