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The First Of Its Kind

BioGenomX is a leading edge AgTech business that manufactures revolutionary liquid biological inoculants for soil and plants. Teeming with billions of beneficial living bacteria and fungi, our brews have been developed for known agricultural problems and increase yield and tolerance to pests and disease. There’s nothing else like it on the planet!

Mike McCosker

Meet Mike McCosker; he’s a husband, father, passionate about healthy soil and good soil biology and a 4th generation farmer. Mike’s spent nearly 25 years in agriculture, 15 years of that consulting to farmers and academics all over the world about biological agriculture. His passion for high nutrient quality food has led to the invention and development of the most unique and significant biological soil and plant inoculants the world has seen.

Mike is Brewmaster and Chief Technical Officer at BioGenomX and enjoys solving the big agricultural challenges the world is currently experiencing.

Manufacturing Facility

Our state of the art manufacturing facility is located near Inverell, NSW and has the ability to produce 2,000,000 litres of Bio-Inoculants per annum. Our brewmasters painstakingly oversee every step of the process to ensure each batch perfectly prepared. Once finished, each batch is securely packaged and sent to clients all over the world.

BioGenomX Biologicals

Includes soil inoculants to improve soil biological activity, plant inoculants to improve plant nutrient uptake and and inoculants designed to maximise flower bloom, flower retention and harvest bloom.

Soil Tests

Understanding the soil composition so that the correct balance can be achieved is the first stage in our process. We utilise the services of the University Of New England and their expert staff to provide the essential data enabling us to give you the best possible advice and results.


The BioGenomX research and development team are on the cutting edge of technology and are constantly improving our formulas resulting in enhanced yield and increased tolerance to disease. This all equates to a significant reduction in chemical usage, boosting your bottom line and ultimately enhancing the environment.


The future is here and we’d like you to become a part of it.

BioGenomX is leading the world in the development of living biological inoculants for soil and plants. Our passion and commitment is strong however we recognise that it will take many like minded people to drive global change so the world can benefit.

If you would like to invest in or financially partner with us, are an agricultural business who would like to benefit from our technology or you would like to work with us as a distribution partner, we are open for discussions.

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